Can you read this?

You may be noticing by now that Stormy and I both have a few quirky traits. Or perhaps a long running list of them is more accurate. One that I haven’t mentioned yet is my actual list-making/note-taking methods. To keep me on task, I prefer jotting my thoughts or reminders on random scraps of paper. You can often find multiple documents torn in weird shapes spread over my desk or  kitchen table. My handwriting also is considered what some call “chicken-scratch.”  Even my husband, after 13 years, has never made it through a full shopping list of mine without having at least a few words for me to decipher.

I think it may be because having one organized list that looks clean and neat is too easy to ignore. It isn’t begging for attention. Random notes tossed all over are a good reminder about what needs to be attended to. If I am in a meeting and having to use a professional-looking notepad, I never write on the lines. My takeaways are jotted in all different angles across the paper. People are baffled that I can read and follow my notes. If I haven’t proven myself to be very organized, it may be a source of concern for many in my office, but it eventually turns into a constant source of amusement.

This weekend at the cabin, my girlfriend looked down at one such list on the counter while making us a Bloody Mary. Shaking her head about my writing, she challenged me to come read what I wrote.  I walked over and rattled off what it said:

my list

  • Planting trees
  • Ant Dr.
  • Charlie’s Angels
  • Hair off Barbie
  • Advice from Grandma
  • Bumping into the sign
  • Naked PowerPlate

Her response? First there was silence. A bit later with a grin, she mentioned “I don’t even know what to say or ask.  You left me speechless.” I think she was a bit scared to know how I would explain that random list–which made perfect sense to me. See, there is a reason no one should be able to read my notes!

I’d be interested if anyone could figure out what that list was for. Come on, take a guess!

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