Easier Said Than Done is dedicated to all the women caught “in-between.” We’re driven, assertive and had our lives planned out: Degree, Career, Marriage, Family… Then one day, we woke up—had all those things—and went, “WTF? What now?”

Here we will try to articulate some of our personal challenges with achieving the difficult balance between “optimizing” our lives and appreciating all we have.

What’s with those names?

When KitKat and I were framing up this blog, we agreed that we wanted to be transparent with our thoughts and feelings, but we wanted to sensitive to our spouses, kids and employers, so names were changed to protect the guilty.

Now, settling on just the right names was a bit more of a process. We wanted something “name-like” but not a straight-up alias or variation of our real names. Personally, I considered wine varietals, musical terms, meaningful words in Latin or French, etc.–but what did we ultimately settle on? Stripper names. Now if that doesn’t imply fun authors, nothing does!

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