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KitKatKitKat is a busy mother of two and successful professional moving her way up the corporate ladder.  Her happy place is in a shoe store or having drinks with girlfriends. She is confused, goofy, conflicted, joyful, energetic, stubborn and loves nothing more than how it feels to be spontaneous, often feeling her way through life and decisions rather than thinking through them. Always the extremist, she has been described as both naughty and nice and hopes to keep people guessing which is the real her – so far, she still is!

StormyStormy is a marketing communications professional, mother of three adult children, lucky spouse, and sibling, in-law and outlaw to many. She realizes she’s extremely blessed, yet longs for something more. After spending a lifetime to achieve a set of goals established by the time she was 12, she’s now trying to figure out what’s next. She comes across as confident and self-possessed with little time for chit-chat or frivolity, but in fact is not nearly as serious as she seems. And while she does not suffer fools gladly, those who know her best come to realize that her composed exterior belies a heart of mush. She hopes that by sharing her journey with her readers, they’ll be reminded that underneath others’ shiny veneers of confidence, we’re all just trying to figure out this ludicrous thing called life.

4 thoughts on “The Bloggers

  1. It is so great reading your comments – even simply reading girlfriend comments and encouragement makes my day. Look forward to sharing more posts and wine soon (hopefully a drink and chat in person too)!

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