How this came about: KitKat’s story

I woke up one day as a grown up. No one tells you how to be that. Sometimes I excel at it and other times I am tripping through it.

Looking at myself from the outside, I see a woman busy raising two young kids, enjoying great family and friends, and building a demanding but good career. Shouldn’t that be enough? Isn’t it all I ever wanted? If I have it all, why do I fantasize about giving it all up and running away to sell toe rings on a beach? Maybe I need to add another distraction to my already over-scheduled life?

Usually a glass of wine and good girlfriends get me over the hump. Lately, the more I talk with others, the more I find out I’m not alone in my contradictions and craziness. Take Stormy for example, she was my professional mentor, the one who always provided words of wisdom through my ups and downs, gave sound advice on marriage, parenting, and career choices. Yep, the one who had it all together! So as our friendship grew over the years and we became peers, I was surprised (and secretly thrilled) to discover not even she had it all figured out and put together.

Since talking and sharing is what has helped us get through some major and minor internal struggles, we’re hoping this blog will allow other women to know they aren’t crazy – or if they are, well at least realize they are in good company. I also am hoping that by writing down and examining all the contradictions running though my head, I will finally discover that perfect balance between adding new excitement and being content with what’s already there. I have a feeling that this is easier said than done.

5 thoughts on “How this came about: KitKat’s story

  1. Why is being content so difficult to achieve????? More yoga is on my plans this year too. It seems the one sure thing for some brief peace – till my head starts spinning again:)

  2. While I like the old-school approach of a collage with magazines and scissors (and the potential for getting high off of glue sticks), it occurs to me that this would be a cool use for Pinterest. One could make an electronic vision board to reference. Does anybody out there do that? Care to share your board? Does keeping these things in sight better help you achieve them?

  3. ” Lately, the more I talk with others, the more I find out I’m not alone in my contradictions and craziness.” Your sentence could become a famous quote… I have to write more about my craziness as I know so many can relate:)

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