45 Candles

Well, tomorrow I will be waking up as a 45-year-old. Birthdays have never gotten to me. I celebrated 30 and 40 without any dismay about the accumulating years. That is not to say getting older hasn’t hit me. The increasing wrinkles and slowing metabolism are a constant reminder of the aging process that I am none too happy about. But, it has never been a birthday that has depressed me.

This year is different. For the first time, I am experiencing the birthday blues and want to protest or divert this upcoming age transition.

I should get some credit for skipping despair of turning 40. Though I may now resort to celebrating a repeating 44th birthday.

Perhaps it is that I am approaching 50. Every day, from here on out, I am closer to 50 than 40. Fifty sounds like a whole new life. Not an age I ever imagined being. But now it is sinking in as a reality. I am crossing over the line. I have friends in their 50s. They look amazing. Actually, they look better than they did in their 40s. But I am not ready to join them.

This birthday also means I have officially hit midlife. (I figure I will live past 80, looking at the women in my family, but don’t expect to see 100.)

Or maybe it is the combination of mood swings and hot flashes that have been a preview to what is in store. It’s an uphill battle from here on out. Good genes can only carry me so far. In an effort to take some control, I have taken a few preemptive strikes. Similar to Stormy, I am very good finding reasons (sometimes farfetched) to pay for services that make my life, and looks, better.

Covering the grey hair has been part of the age-fighting routine for years, although now the timeframe has narrowed from every six weeks to four. Though, a fresh hair color was not going to carry me through this birthday. When I was getting my hair done, my gorgeous 49 year–old stylist told me she liked me without makeup. I looked younger, fresher. Hmmm … it got me thinking. I always wanted to try “mink” eyelashes. And what better reason than a birthday—I would experience time savings in getting ready, less stress on my eyes if not applying makeup, saved makeup costs, and a new look. Plus, I had been complaining that my eyelashes were thinning out and breaking (a common complaint this year that I also attributed to aging). A week later my masterful rationalization has me donning new, lushes lashes with only a hint of blush and lip gloss: A natural look. (Okay, a fake natural look, bought and paid for.)


I did add some “natural” help, all shoved into a few weeks ago as I realized 45 was getting close. Microdermabrasion treatments to brighten up my skin (no needles were involved, so I count it as natural) and waking up at 5:30 to add a 20-minute Jillian work-out to my other routines. She promised it would change me in only 30 days!

I think the toughest thing is time is going so fast. It seems to be speeding up.

40 years ago with my sister and mom. Same bangs though!
40 years ago with my sister and mom. Same bangs though!

Sitting at the kids table at Thanksgiving, I used to wonder when I would feel like an adult. I remember thinking 30 was so old and now it seems so young. My mind still feels like that same little girl. I still have a lot I want to do and experience. I am not ready settle.

Yes, I know that aging graciously is the way to go. I am just not ready for it. And, if I have to distract myself from all the other issues of aging with a silly focus on looks, so be it. Right now, I will focus on the shiny object.

I will also spend my first day after turning 45—first day closer to 50 than 40—with Stormy for a birthday drink. We can catch up (we both have been crazily busy at work) and perhaps the bartender will buy me a drink after hearing I am turning 44 … again!

Did you think I would end this post by coming around to accepting my age and being thankful for all the wonderful things about aging and all the things I am grateful for? 🙂


3 thoughts on “45 Candles

  1. Patti

    I can relate, and now that I’ve passed the 2nd anniversary of my 45th birthday and will have to celebrate the 3rd anniversary in September I’m coming to terms that I have a middle aged body and I need to work…no FIGHT for it to become less middle aged. The recent heart attack of my 2 year younger husband (he’s recovering and getting healthy) has been a slap in the face for me to WAKE UP and make those lifestyle changes that I’ve been putting off. So now, I’m really paying attention to sodium and cutting it out, cooking more from scratch, starting a regular exercise routine (I used to work out 2 times a day and have a rockin’ body, but now I mostly just work) and my biggest downfall…controlling stress. I don’t do stress very well. I’ve been through the most stressful time of my life this past month and realize I don’t have my stress busters I had before I moved up here. When I felt stressed all I’d ever have to do is go to the beach and walk in the surf and sand and let the waves soothe me. My stress would just go out with the tide. Now that I’m land locked, I have no place. My summer goal is to find a new place. I’ve been looking since I moved here in 1999, but really haven’t connected. I know there will be nothing like my beach escapes up here, but I need to find someplace that will do. Getting older sucks, but nothing says we can’t fight it with everything we’ve got. So…let’s hear it for the “good fight.”

  2. We can do it!!! We are rockin’ still in our mid-40 sorta way.
    I am no better with stress. I guess it is my girlfriends, you included, that are my escape. Though, I can’t imagine how wonderful it would be to have the beach to wash things away. And, what you have been through makes stress I complain about seem silly. I have my list of low sodium eateries and can’t wait to go out with you both to celebrate all the years ahead.

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